March 20, 2020

MSC Issues Investor Alert on Jbcapitals and Halifax & Associates

Winnipeg -The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) is issuing an investor alert on Jbcapitals and Halifax & Associates, affiliated companies operating in Switzerland and Denmark, after a rural Manitoban has been defrauded of over $8,000.

While fraud is not a new concept, the methods used by scammers are constantly evolving to adapt to new situations and technology, such as cryptocurrency. Manitobans should be aware of the red flags of fraud:

  • promises of high returns with low risk,
  • pressure to invest quickly / limited time offers
  • secret or sans-serif">‘insider’ information / exclusive offers
  • offers from complete strangers
  • unregistered salespeople and companies
  • inconsistent details / avoiding questions / no paper trail

Members of the public are advised to contact MSC if they believe they have been targeted by any type of investment fraud attempt. MSC’s anti-fraud line is 1-855-FRAUD-MB.

The public can also for more information on common investment frauds and scams.

The Manitoba Securities Commission is a division of the Manitoba Financial Services Agency, a Special Operating Agency of the Government of Manitoba that protects investors and promotes fair and efficient capital markets throughout the province.

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Media Inquiries:

Jason Booth, Communications Coordinator, MSC  |  204.945.1660 |