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The Manitoba Securities Commission
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February 6, 2001

Public at Risk From “Tri-west Investment Club” Bank Debenture Trading Program

Winnipeg, - The Manitoba Securities Commission is warning the public to be on the look out for an illegal and possibly fraudulent investment scheme. Investments described as "Bank Debenture Trading Program" are being increasingly sold to individuals who are at risk of losing their money.

The "Tri-West Investment Club" is using a web site based in San Diego, California. They are urging individuals to invest funds into the Bank Debenture Trading Program by sending the funds to Haarlem Universal Corporation located in Belize City, Belize. The organization looks for investors with $10,000 or more to invest. They claim that returns are in excess of 300%, there is no risk of losing the principal invested and that investments are secured by a bank endorsed guarantee.

Tri-West Investment Club and Haarlem Universal Corporation are NOT registered to sell securities in the Province of Manitoba. A number of US securities regulators have issued cease trade orders or are conducting investigations respecting the Tri-West Investment Club.

If you have purchased or have been contacted to purchase any of these "Bank Debenture Trading Programs", please Contact The Manitoba Securities Commission at (204) 945-2548 and ask to speak to an investigator. If you live outside Winnipeg, you can contact the Commission toll free (in Manitoba) at 1-800-665-5244.


The Manitoba Securities Commission Media Contact, Ainsley Cunningham (204) 945-4733.