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February 19, 2003

Cease Trade Order Issued Against Synergy Alliance Group

Winnipeg - The Commission today issued a cease trade order against Synergy Alliance Group, LLC based out of Florida. It was concluded that various corporate identities along with associated persons, Larry W. Tanner, Gerald W. Blerot, Billy Davis, Bruce Jeffery Stewart and Darin R. Knee were promoting a security in the province of Manitoba without being registered to do so or having an exemption to do so.

Synergy Alliance Group, LLC and named associates held meetings in Winnipeg on February 6 & 7, 2003. Advertisements were place in local papers inviting the public to attend information sessions.

Synergy Alliance Group, LLC indicated that funds from investors would be used to fund certain projects. Synergy Alliance, LLC also indicated within two years, an investor would receive anywhere from three to five times the amount of their original investment.

Anyone who attended information sessions is encouraged to contact The Manitoba Securities Commission, at 945-2548. Outside Winnipeg, you can contact the Commission toll free (in Manitoba) at 1-800-665-5244 and ask to speak to an investigator.

The Commission would like to advise that there is no relationship between Synergy Alliance Group, LLC and Synergy Mutual Funds managed by Synergy Asset Management Inc., out of Toronto. Individuals with holdings in Synergy Mutual Funds should not be concerned with the cease trade order that was issued today.

Ainsley Cunningham
Education and Information Coordinator
(204) 945-4733