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November 7, 2003

For Immediate Release

MSC Issues Alert for Improper Trading in Securities

Winnipeg, - The Manitoba Securities Commission is releasing an Investor Alert regarding Gary Perch of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Commission staff have learned that Gary Perch has been soliciting money from the public to invest in his Winnipeg based pro golf shop. Staff have also learned that at least three people have given money to Gary Perch

Gary Perch has been recently advertising for money through a local newspaper. Gary Perch was contacted by Commission staff and told not to solicit the public unless he had an exemption to do so. Gary Perch indicated that he would comply. Gary Perch has not complied and has continued with his activities.

The public is being warned that Gary Perch is not permitted to collect money from the public in this way. If you have invested your money with him, your money may be at risk.

If anyone has been solicited by Gary Perch or given him money for investment purposes, please contact Jason Roy, Investigator with The Manitoba Securities Commission at 945-4116.

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